Lots and Lots of Rope

My adventure with the charpai continues as I have started to string it although actually this last week I’ve had to take a break because I ran out of rope and had to order more. 400 ft of rope is not nearly enough. We ordered 600 ft. more which should be enough to finish the charpai. Anyway the first thing I did was make the tightening rope portion of the bed that you can see here. I wrapped a length of rope around the bed six times and then used the stick to twist it tight but not to tight. Once the weave is done it holds that rope in place so that you can remove the stick and it won’t unwind. After the bed is finished the rope to the end here can be untied and pulled tighter in order to tighten the bed as whole. One thing I noticed in hindsight was that it would have been good to have twisted the rope a little more because then the space between it and the side beams would be smaller allowing the weave to get closer to the edge, because as it is the weave is maybe an inch from the edge when it starts.

Once that was done I started stringing the charpai the long way. You can see it in the picture here. That is 400ft of rope total so as you can see to finish it will take at least double that and probably a little more. 500ft might be sufficient but I wanted to be on the safe side so got 600ft. I just went straight back and forth and would pull all the rope through a loop tying down two strands for each knot. You can get a better idea of what i mean from this picture of the knots. In order to get all the rope through the loop I ended up cutting the rope and doing about 100ft pieces at a time and then tying them together with a square knot. The rope does noticeably stretch after you leave it for a day so it’s really important to have the ability to tighten it up. Next up is to begin weaving the other direction. I’m thinking I might just do a basic checkerboard or zig-zag design so that it doesn’t take as much focus to get it done. In order to do the weave horizontally I’ll stand the bed against the wall so that i don’t have to run back and forth every time.

The new rope just arrived and I’ve soaked it in water to shrink it and now it needs to dry out. We’ll be gone for the weekend so hopefully once we’re back the rope will be dry and I can get back to work.


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